current news

Christmas is approaching

and our Adventsbasar is back at the door. Together with the municipality of Sierksdorf, we organize a small Christmas market from 2 pm until 6 pm on 02.12.2017. You can stroll, buy small gifts and have fun. There are numerous stands with handicrafts, baked goods, sweets and much more. For the physical well-being is ensured in any case. Enjoy punch and self-baked almonds. You would like to open a stand and sell something yourself? No problem. Just log in to Mrs. Bächle. (Tel. 04563-4737312)

September 2017

We start our holidays “Greece”!
As always, we try to capture a bit of the flair of the respective holiday region and bring it to Sierksdorf. The Greek temperatures do not quite reach us, but the Greek food and Greek films already. And not to forget: The Olympic Games are also a Greek invention. We take this idea and start our own Olympics with games, medals, ambitious competitors and proud winners.


August 2017

Port, sea, fresh air … can there be something more beautiful? Our trip to Travemünde is a lot of fun. We enjoy the hustle and bustle of the promenade and admire a lot of small and big ships with a professional look. We end the trip relaxed with coffee and cake.

July 2017

Oh, pirates raid the house Ostseeblick!
The wild fellows take our inhabitants to pirate games. Have you ever tried to shoot a gun? We can at least say with full conviction that there are some very talented junior sponsors among us. A treasure hunt and an authentic seaman’s music can not be missed, of course. After a successful afternoon, the pirates then took their leave again.


May 2017

Go to the Bahamas!


The West Indies lure with magnificent weather, over 700 islands and 2400 coral reefs. It’s only a pity that the flight can take up to 37 hours – we will not do that. Instead, we decide to bring a few days of Central American customs to us. The kitchen spoils exotic dishes and gets energetic support.