The care in the Haus Ostseeblick depends on the individual needs of the seniors. Our dedicated nursing team takes into account the personal wishes and habits of the residents, as far as possible in a nursing facility. The therapists and caregivers also adjust the leisure program closely to the preferences of the residents and always find new offers.

We are very happy when relatives are working with us. Nobody knows our inhabitants as well as their own family. This is particularly important when the resident can no longer express himself. We are grateful in nursing work for any information that the family can give us. There are often small things that are important for well-being and satisfaction. The matching head pillow, the favorite TV broadcast, a warm milk before falling asleep … All this can decide how comfortable the familiarization period is with us. In addition, relatives often have a completely different “look” at a situation. Together with you we can achieve the best possible support.

Our care includes:

  • the comprehensive care of the care levels 1 to 5 by qualified nurses and therapists.
  • Medical supervision by general practitioners and specialists, taking into account the principle of free medical treatment by the residents
  • Intensive collaboration with our internal and, of course, the external physiotherapists, ergotherapists and speech therapists

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Further information on costs and grants can also be found in the section Costs.


The Haus Ostseeblick has approved prices, which have been negotiated with the representatives of the Ministry of Social Affairs and the different health insurance companies. This prices include the components of care, accommodation and food as well as investment costs. They provide the daily care. Our monthly costs result from these care classes. These are, …


Registering with us is very easy. Of course you do not have to pay any costs. Just call and arrange a meeting. We will then show you the house and discuss the rest with a cup of coffee. We need some information from you to give us a picture of you / your relative. The …

Living on trial

A move is always a decision that requires careful consideration. There are many points that are important, but can not be recognized immediately. What good is the most beautiful house, if the food does not taste? We therefore offer you the opportunity to try life with us for up to four weeks. If you do …